Mobile Marketing and the Ipad

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On the heels of Steve Jobs’ official introduction of Apple’s iPad, marketers and developers are racing out the door with applications and advertising services for the new tablet.

Mobspree has launched TouchPlay, an interactive publishing service that uses the iPhone and iPad’s rich-media capabilities. First up on the platform is “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed,” a copublishing collaboration between SnackLogic and Gibbs Smith.

SnackLogic has also created a TouchPlay adaptation of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

Both titles are available for download in the Apple App Store for $3.99 with $1 of each purchase going to support Haiti disaster relief.

Scoreloop readies iPad games
Scoreloop, a provider of social mobile games, has begun development on games for the iPad.

The game developer said the iPad will allow for a more sophisticated gaming experience with integration of its play challenges, achievements, friend recommendations and social network integration. Scoreloop also supports the iPhone and Google’s Android devices.

Tag Games is using Scoreloop to develop Astro Ranch HD for the iPad.

IPad behind iPhone and Android in developers’ roadmap: Appcelerator
An Appcelrator survey revealed the iPad vaulted into third place behind the iPhone and Android in developers’ roadmaps for product developments.

Appcelrator allows for cross-platform development, from a single codebase at Web development speed.

According to Appcelrator, 90 percent of respondents said they plan to build an iPad application over the coming year.

Developers told Appcelrator that they see bigger opportunities than gaming applications and are gearing up to develop new applications in the areas of entertainment, productivity and business, social networking and education.

IPhone App developers can monetize iPad
According to Mobclix, iPhone application developers can make money right off the bat with the iPad.

The iPad will be able to run iPhone applications right out of the box.

Mobclix will have specialized advertising for the iPad.

Due to the diversity of its ad networks, Mobclix already has the ad sizes and types that will work on the new device.

Mobclix said interactive, video, and rich media advertising will bring new levels of engagement to applications.

The company has inventory ready to go in the following sizes: 468 x 60, 300 x 250, 120 x 600 and 728 x 90 (for landscape view).

As with the iPhone, Mobclix analytics for iPad applications will measure users, session times, and more.

Mojiva launches ad network for iPad, other tablets
Mojiva has expanded its mobile advertising network to support advertising on the newly announced Apple iPad, as well as other eReaders, netbooks and tablet platforms.

Advertisers will soon have the ability to place their ads on this new generation of mobile devices, targeting a growing mobile audience.

The larger format screens of these devices will allow advertisers to create a rich experience for those interacting with their campaigns.

Advertisers will have access to advanced analytics that go beyond impressions and clicks, and through to engagement with specific ads and functions within them, increasing their ROI.

In addition, content publishers and application developers will be able to take advantage of the larger format to begin experimenting with new ad types, sizes and placements, which is expected to result in higher payouts.

In February, the Mojiva network will have self-serve advertising and publishing capability to target not only the iPad, but the HP Slate, Amazon Kindle and Dell Mini 5 as well.

The network will continue to add support for new devices that are debuted throughout the year.

Mobile Marketing Company

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There is a new player in the marketing of mobile marketing and advertising.  Mobile Marketing is setting it’s sites high with a customized control panel and a ton of features. Users of there system can look forward to a mobile marketing interface that gives full control to businesses small and large.

Mobile marketing has become one of the fastest growing forms of advertising since 2007 when people first began to take notice. You may have seen those first few commercials to text something to a number to get a ringtone of your choice. Now it has blossomed into the next twitter. Yes we said it, mobile marketing is the next twitter.

We hope to report on more of this upcoming trend in future blogs. Until then please check out the latest in mobile marketing

Text advertising grows Text advertising rated fastest growing marketing methods above internet.

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Mobile marketing’s time to shine may be here, or at least just around the corner. By 2013, research firm Gartner reports that mobile ad spend will surpass $13 billion. The new report states that this year alone, mobile ads will grow 74 percent to $913.5 million.

But 74% growth this year is nothing compared to the expected explosion of mobile ad spend in 2011 due to an increase in mobile spending from ad agencies and divisions. By 2013, Gartner expects mobile ad spend to surpass $13 billion. Asia-Pacific will lead the growth, followed by North America and Europe, says the report.

Gartner predicts that local-based targeting will be one of the main types of mobile marketing set to take off, with the improvement of GPS technology making location-targeting more appealing to marketers.

The overall growth in mobile ad spend signifies a shift in marketing mindsets all over to embrace all forms of digital strategies. Fueling the growth is the rapid adaption of smartphones such as the iPhone and Blackberry, which Gartner expects to account for 45.5 percent of all mobile phone sales in 2013, up from just over 9 percent in 2008.

Mobile Marketing Ventures releases it’s new admin interface.

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Mobile MV has just released the much anticipated interfae for customers to update, deploy, and send marketing messages. We have enjoyed our development time and will continue to show our stuff when it comes to development and technology.

Viral mobile campaign passes with flying colours

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April 2009 – June 2009


Fly the Flag for Football and Yonder Mobile Media

The “Fly the Flag for Football” campaign aimed to create excitement around both the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, whilst building an opted-in database for future mobile advertising campaigns. Fly the Flag turned to Yonder Mobile Media to create and execute a mobile campaign that directly engaged the target audience.

The campaign commenced with a pull campaign that urged consumers to SMS ‘Flag’ to 41929 or to go to the mobile website to enter. Consumers who SMS’d in got a message back with a link to the flythesouthafricanflag mobile website.

In order to win tickers for themselves and 3 friends to various FIFA Confederation Cup 2009 matches the consumers had to answer two questions of which the answers could be found on the mobi site. They also had to provide the names and numbers of the three friends with whom they would share the tickets if they won. The referred friends received a personalized SMS that motivated them to click on the mobile website link to also enter the competition and to opt-in for updates.

A follow-up campaign was also launched with an SMS to the database notifying them that there were 365 days left until the kick off of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The campaign had a 72% response and click-through rate. This percentage shows the number of consumers who visited the mobile website, profiled themselves, answered the questions and referred three friends after engaging with the Fly the Flag competition via SMS short code. The winners were easily selected from the real time report, which provided the client with accurate information on each entrant as well as the friends that each entrant referred. This proves that when integrated properly within a “traditional” campaign, incentive based mobile marketing has an extremely viral effect.

Mobile Marketing: The Big Picture

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Years from now, when the mobile phone really is the remote control for life, historians will best be in position to gauge the 2007-09 contributions of Steve Jobs and Apple’s iPhone.

One may argue that the iPhone did more for the advancement of mobile marketing than any other piece of hardware.

According to a recent survey from Crowd Science, 38 percent of smart phone owners who don’t own an Apple iPhone would “probably” or “definitely” switch when making their next purchase. That article isn’t looking to demystify the iPhone, but it does aim to highlight an important point: Despite the unbounded enthusiasm for the device and the mania surrounding its mobile applications, the iPhone represents only a small fraction of today’s opportunity for marketers.

As of the end of second-quarter 2009, Apple had sold “only” 26 million iPhones, according to Apple (I agree the number is incredibly impressive, but let me finish). What this means is that there are approximately 244 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S. who are not using the iPhone, according to statistics provided by CTIA.

Translation: If you are dedicating a significant amount of your marketing budget and effort to targeting just 9 percent of your potential audience, you’re selling yourself short.

The reality is that mobile marketing is not a one-hit wonder, but rather a robust pyramid comprised of several layers that individually and collectively can elevate a brand’s awareness and drive positive consumer action. At the bottom is SMS. According to CTIA, more than 160 million people in the U.S. are on a text plan and the average age of a “texter” is 38. Taking these numbers into account it should surprise no one to discover that SMS gives brands the greatest reach and taps into the behaviors and interests of hundreds of millions, all through a simple 160-character message. SMS is a proven mobile-marketing weapon that is driving brand awareness right now.

As you move up the pyramid, the next layer introduces mobile Web/WAP sites. According to the Kelsey Group, there are 54.5 million mobile Internet users on a regular basis. Add to that the fact that more than 172 million phones are capable of browsing the Web and it’s easy to the see the value these sites can bring to a brand.

Moving up the pyramid, you come to the social networking tier. Did you know that in January alone, comScore reports more than 27 million people accessed a social networking site from their mobile phone? Furthermore, experts from CCS Insight recently released the results of “Report on Mobile Internet Usage, 2009,” which found that a third of young adults are regularly accessing Facebook and Twitter from their mobile phones. By creating a branded Facebook page, companies can connect with this audience, giving them a chance to engage with the brands they care about as well as other brand devotees, all from their mobile phone.

On the next tier of our pyramid resides the mobile banner ad. The banner has been a core component of online advertising campaigns for years and now is making its mark in the mobile world. One example is Wiley Publishing. As part of its mobile marketing campaign, the makers of the For Dummies series launched a series of banners ads that in about three months delivered more than 1.3 million impressions and produced a 1.4 percent click-through rate, which is four times that of the more traditional online component, according to Wiley. This superior click-through rate agrees with findings from Verizon Wireless, which at the 2009 Mobile Advertising Degree conference shared its experiences. Specifically, Verizon found its mobile banner ad click-though rates to be 2 percent, compared to the .3 percent achieved from the online counterparts.

The final layer of the mobile-marketing pyramid ironically brings us right back to where we started — the mobile application. While it’s true that the number of iPhone users pales in comparison to the total number of mobile users, the fact is that adoption is growing and the power and influence of these applications will undoubtedly follow suit. Add to that the emergence of the BlackBerry App Store, the Google Android Application Store and the upcoming releases of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (the new application store for Windows Mobile) and it’s easy to see how mobile applications will become more pervasive and influential. In fact, Jupiter reports that revenues from mobile applications will top $25 billion by 2014.

The mobile phone may fit nicely into your pocket, but mobile marketing’s limits reach much farther. Whether your brand taps into one layer or all layers, the opportunities exist to drive your brand to new heights, and the iPhone is just part of the equation.

What’s the “Buzz” in Mobile Marketing?

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BuzzCity is out with results from their latest global brand survey, which ranks the brands that have the most appeal among mobile viewing audiences.

Coming in first is KFC, a surprising victor over second place McDonalds. In third is Sony, followed by Nestle, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, and Philips.

According to BuzzCity, the survey shows that users “typically base their preferences on brand performance first followed by style and then price. Quality, reliability, value and trust all also influence choice.”

While surveys are always important, how mobile marketers interpret them is even more important. The companies cited in this list have all experienced a considerable degree of success in their mobile efforts. The challenge now is culling from these examples lessons to apply to our own mobile efforts.

If anything, the study by BuzzCity further emphasizes that successful mobile marketing campaigns are those that get people talking about brands and more abstract concepts. The study, after all, reveals that 54% of mobile users would recommend a brand to their peers while only 4% would in reaction to a specific sales promotion.

Definitely news we can use.

Mobile Marketing Ventures

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Mobile Marketing Ventures is a premier provider of mobile solutions, for both large and small companies. We help you reach out to your customers in ways that previously weren’t possible.

Whether you’re a restaurant, a newspaper, a REALTOR, a broadcast station, or a live event, we have the proven tools and expertise to increase customer interaction and drive sales. We make it easy for our smaller clients to manage their own mobile marketing campaigns and monitor their results. It is so simple that if you can surf the web, you can launch mobile content.